2-Time World Series Winning MLB Legend Trolls Tom Brady’s Ex-wife Gisele Bundchen in Savage Post


Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been in the headlines for the past few months following their divorce. The NFL icon and model decided to end their marriage of 13 years due to irreconcilable differences. The issues first started when Brady decided to return to football just a few weeks after retiring. This reportedly caused the differences that eventually ended their marriage. 

Both of them have been moving past the split in their own ways. Most recently, an MLB legend and 2-time World Series champion trolled Bundchen in a savage post.

MLB legend Aubrey Huff trolled Gisele Bundchen in a recent post


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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been trying to move forward following their divorce. Their personal lives have been the subject of intense media coverage and in the headlines. Most recently, a post celebrating Bundchen’s beauty was met with a brutal rebuttal from MLB legend Aubrey Huff. He trolled Brady’s ex-wife in a Twitter post while sharing the headline celebrating Bundchen. 

In a Tweet, Huff said, “Ummm yea…@TomBrady is actually dating a 24 year old smoke show that’s 40 times hotter than this horse faced, attention seeking beanpole. Tom is doing just fine!”

The 2-time World Series winner completely roasted Bundchen and didn’t seem to hold back. 


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What’s more, this is not the first time that he’s commented on the former couple. Huff once called people out for celebrating Brady and Bundchen’s divorce. But getting back to the NFL icon, Brady recently announced his retirement for the second and seemingly final time. Fans don’t need to worry, as they will see him on television again very soon. 

Tom Brady will begin his 10-year $375 million analyst contract with Fox in 2024

Following his first retirement, Tom Brady signed a 10-year $375 million pact to become an NFL analyst for Fox Sports. But when he came back to the NFL, that deal got postponed without any clarification as to what 2would happen. But recently, Brady confirmed that he would begin the 10-year deal during the 2024 NFL season. 


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Fans will look forward to seeing the iconic quarterback in his new role as an analyst. Brady has a high football IQ and understands the game like few others do. But for the time being, his divorce and subsequent romantic life will be the subject of media scrutiny. What do you think of Aubrey Huff trolling Gisele Bundchen on Twitter? Please share your opinion on the topic down below.

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