ACC Unveils Exciting Thursday & Friday Night Football Schedule for 2024 Season

In a strategic move aimed at providing fans with thrilling midweek football action, the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has announced an enticing schedule of Thursday and Friday night contests for the upcoming 2024 football season.

The ACC, in collaboration with its member schools and ESPN, has carefully crafted a schedule that prioritizes player rest and promises exciting matchups throughout the season.

Intentional Scheduling for Player Well-Being. With a commitment to the well-being of student-athletes, the ACC took a proactive approach to scheduling Thursday and Friday night games. The conference worked closely with schools and ESPN to ensure that no team would play a Thursday night game on short rest. This intentional effort reflects the ACC’s dedication to maintaining competitive fairness and prioritizing the health and performance of its athletes.

Key Collaborations with ESPN. The collaboration between the ACC and ESPN has played a pivotal role in shaping the Thursday and Friday night football schedule. By working hand in hand, the conference and the sports network have created a lineup of matchups that promises to captivate audiences and showcase the talent and competitiveness within the ACC.

Exciting Midweek Football Action. Over the first 13 weeks of the 2024 season, ACC teams will take the spotlight in a combined total of 14 Thursday and Friday night games. This schedule includes the participation of 15 different schools, adding an element of diversity and variety to the midweek football experience. These contests will be hosted by a total of 11 different institutions, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for fans both on-campus and in the virtual realm.

Prominent Schools and Diverse Contests. The ACC’s Thursday and Friday night football lineup will feature a mix of prominent schools and diverse matchups, ensuring that each game brings a unique flavor to the season. From traditional powerhouse programs to emerging contenders, the schedule promises to showcase the depth and competitiveness of ACC football.

As the ACC prepares to kick off the 2024 football season, the introduction of Thursday and Friday night contests adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for fans. With a focus on intentional scheduling and collaboration with ESPN, the ACC aims to provide an unparalleled midweek football experience while prioritizing the well-being of student-athletes. Get ready for thrilling matchups, intense competition, and the electrifying atmosphere of Thursday and Friday night football in the ACC.


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