Alex Rodriguez and Astros Legend Face MLB Fans Wrath After Latest Comments


Alex Rodriguez is once again showing his love of Minnesota, where he owns a basketball team. The former MLB star sure knows how to stay in the news, owing to his decorated past as well as present endeavors. A-Rod is considered one of the best baseball players in the world. Although he’s now retired, his retirement from the sport hasn’t stopped him from trying out new things.

Back in 2021, Rodriguez bought part of the NBA team, Minnesota Timberwolves. In addition to his sports broadcasting and real estate ventures under A-Rod Corp, the former shortstop also gave basketball a try. Now that free agent Carlos Correa is free no more, Rodriguez is congratulating him. Correa recently signed with the Minnesota Twins, a team he has already played for before.

Alex Rodriguez calls Carlos Correa a “generational talent”


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After news of the Puerto Rican shortstop broke out, A-Rod congratulated him and his wife. Taking to Twitter, the former Yankee congratulated the former Houston Astros shortstop for singing a multi-year contract with the Twins.

Having previously played for the New York Yankees, A-Rod is generally vocal about his support or critique of them. Now that he no longer plays for them, it seems like Rodriguez is placing his loyalty elsewhere.


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Not only this, but the 47-year-old also referred to the extremely cold Minnesota weather and told Correa to “grab a shovel!” The sub-zero temperatures and huge amounts of snow had the former baseballer out in his driveway, shoveling snow. Correa is sure in for a warm welcome! However, once A-Rod congratulated Correa over his new contract, MLB fans did not hesitate comparing and criticizing them for their controversial careers.

What did the people think of this unlikely duo?

A lot of people aren’t too happy about the situation. Notably, despite being one of the finest hitters of his time, A-Rod does not get enough respect because of his PED scandal. And on the other hand, Correa’s past is not great either. He often faces fans’ wrath because of the tainted World Series win in 2017.

Replying to A-Rod’s tweet, fans bashed them both.

While some are delighted to see Rodriguez supporting the Twins-

Some Twitter users are also not happy about Correa’s elevation to the top 5, as A-Rod put it.


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Most people are still on the ropes on about how to feel about the situation. Notably, Correa came close to first signing with the SF Giants, but his deal fell through mere hours before the official announcement. The Giants were uncomfortable signing him over an issue with his physical when the same thing happened with the New York Mets. Correa has a surgically repaired right fibula, which some fear might affect his performance.

Now, though, only time will tell what happens. Minnesota was happy to sign him once before when the Puerto Rican shortstop left them for free agency. Now that he’s back with them, let’s see how the next season will go.


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As A-Rod said, it’s gonna be an exciting one! Do you think that the Mets and Giants made a mistake by letting go of one of the finest shortstops in MLB right now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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