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Selena Gomez is going from strength to strength with her recent career feats. She recently turned producer with the web series ‘Only Murders in the Building’ and is in the news for her new movie, ‘Barbie’ playing in theaters to positive reviews. The singer is bringing in her birthday with a ravishing and thoughtfully planned ‘Barbie’ party prompting a wish from the NBA world itself.

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Selena Gomez is from Texas. The ‘Springbreakers’ actor has remained true to her roots by supporting the San Antonio Spurs and being very public about it whenever she can. And the Spurs didn’t miss out a chance to wish their star fan on her big day.

Selena Gomez gets birthday wishes from Spurs


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The Spurs are in news for bagging the number one draft of the season. The franchise’s move to bring a towering French baller on their roster has strengthened their lineup. The move was hailed by many fans of the franchise. But it’s rare for an NBA team to send out a message to their fans. But in case of their special fan, the Spurs had to make an exception.

Selena’s fandom of the Spurs is not new. Even a decade ago, she supported the team and was vocal about it on social media, cheering them through the games. She also showed her love for the team by wearing a Spurs tee to a game between the LA Lakers and the Spurs.

As a star supporter, Selena hardly misses any chance to make her support known to the team. A special wish therefore is seen as an acknowledgment of her support.

The Selena-Spurs connection itself highlights the NBA world’s special bond with the tinseltown.

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Serena isn’t the only celebrity who shows her love for the Spurs. The legendary Tommy Lee Jones supports the team, and then there’s Armie Hammer, George Strait, and several others.

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Other celebrities equally show their support to their favorite NBA teams mainly by attending their games. For example, back in the day, Selena Gomez’ rumored boyfriend Justin Bieber would be present at a basketball game. Even former President Barack Obama has shown his love for the game and the Chicago Bulls. The list is long and consists of names of a who’s who of the well-heeled world.


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