Charles Barkley Epically Trolls Kendrick Perkins

Inside the NBA’s Charles Barkley epically trolled ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins on Thursday over recent accusations of racism in the NBA over past MVP picks, while discussing who he believes should win the coveted MVP award this year.

Last week, Perkins was on ESPN’s First Take and argued Denver Nuggets star center Nikola Jokić didn’t deserve to win the two Most Valuable Player awards he won in back-to-back seasons. Right now, he is the betting favorite to win the award for the third consecutive year. The MVP award is given out at the end of June, when the NBA Finals are completed.

Perkins pointed out that only three players have ever been given the league’s highest individual honor without finishing in the top 10 in scoring: Former Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki, former Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash, and Jokić. All three players are White.

“What do those guys have in common? I’ll let it sit there and marinate. You think about it,” Perkins said. “When it comes down to moving the goalposts for certain individuals to win it, again, is it Oochie Wally? Or is it One Mic? What song are we actually dancing to right now? Why is this subject not brought up?”

Giannis (Antetokounmpo) is my MVP,” Shaquille O’Neal said Thursday as the topic came up. “I know they have a lot of talk of who’s the MVP.”

Barkley, in a quick and witty way, took a swipe at Perkins.

“You only voted for him because he’s black,” Barkley said.

The show host, Ernie Johnson, and analyst Jamal Crawford, along with O’Neal, could not contain their laughter, and Inside the NBA quickly went off the rails.

“Some situations beyond saving,” Johnson said. “Can’t always save it when the Chuckster comes off the top rope as he just did.”

Barkley got in one more dig at Perkins before the segment wrapped up.

“I saw it on the internet; it’s gotta be true!” Barkley said. “The things you see on the internet is true, America!”

Barkley’s jab drew laughter from his co-hosts as Perkins’s comments have stirred controversy throughout the week.

On Tuesday’s First Take, ESPN’s JJ Redick called out Perkins for his comments, which led to a fiery debate between the two. On Wednesday, Barkley also ripped Perkins for what he suggested in a radio interview.

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