Days After Embarrassing Clip Went Viral, 6’4 Jalen


Numerous NBA players are famous for their heights and wingspan. Newer players are especially the center of several conversations regarding their towering figures. One of them is Victor Wembanyama. The second-tallest dribbler is already the talk of the town in the NBA offseason.

Along with height, fans consistently talk about the physical prowess and jumping capabilities of an NBA player. Both of these features are pretty essential for the game. A recent glimpse of a star player’s jumping prowess is now building a new buzz.

Jalen Green’s bounce videos are infamous


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Jalen Green currently playing for the Houston Rockets is famous online because of his bouncing videos.

A recent video of a Houston Rockets player making rounds on social media has fans talking about the player’s jumping and bouncing ability.

USA Today via Reuters

Not just that, the video has reignited conversations about his previous bouncing videos online.

Social media earlier hosted two videos of him playfully bouncing with teammates off-court. Those videos became a talking point among Green’s fans.

With the new video online, fans were quick to comment and draw comparisons with the previous videos that had them talking just a while ago.

“Damn”: Twitter reacts to Jalen’s new jump

One person was quick to draw a reminisce to the other videos: “That’s cool, but its not gonna make me forget that video.”

Another post made a statement:

Another one had a prediction:

There was, of course, another throwback to the previous video:

And there was one meme:


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There have been several instances of such posts going viral right off the bat. And much this has to do with NBA players’ social media engagement and exploits.


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But unlike the videos on gigs and giggles shared by some NBA icons, the one shared by Green has inspired some serious court action. While fans are jumping with joy, the real action filled with such exploits remains a much-awaited affair.

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