Dillon Brooks says NBA referees are picking on him

PHOENIX– Dillon Brooks was whistled for a flagrant 1 foul call when his hand swiped Phoenix Suns forward Cameron Johnson in the face. Brooks told Memphis Grizzlies teammates Ja Morant that he wasn’t sure if he fouled Johnson or not, but the referees determined that the play was flagrant.

Brooks, playing on his 27th birthday, was unsure why he was called for a flagrant foul on the play by the officials.

“They’re picking on me every night,” Brooks said. “Can’t play my game. Not letting me play physical enough. It’s every night, and I don’t appreciate it.”

The Grizzlies loss their second consecutive game in a 112-110 game to the Suns. Brooks had 10 points and five fouls.

Brooks later said he feels like he has a reputation. This is Brooks’ fourth consecutive season of averaging more than three personal fouls per game. He’s 10th in the NBA in fouls per game. If he had played enough games to qualify last season, he would have been top-10 in the NBA. He was second in the NBA in 2020 and 2021 in fouls per game.

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