Every MLB Team’s Largest Free-Agent Contract in Franchise History

Kevin Brown

Kevin BrownPhoto credit should read MIKE NELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Signing Years: 1998 and 2012

Kevin Brown’s Terms: 7 Years, $105 Million

Zack Greinke’s Terms: 6 Years, $147 Million

In 2022 Dollars: $185.5 Million (Brown) and $185.7 Million (Greinke)

Honorable Mention: Freddie Freeman’s 6-Year, $162 Million Deal from 2022

Were These Good Ideas?

One more than the other.

Both Kevin Brown and Zack Greinke were on excellent runs when the Dodgers signed them. Brown had pitched to a 172 ERA+ from 1996 to 1998, while Greinke claimed the AL Cy Young Award in 2009 amid a five-year run marked by a 124 ERA+. Yet both were on different spots on the aging curve, as Greinke was only 29 while Brown was about to be 34.

Did They Work Out?

As a matter of fact, they did.

Despite some injury troubles in the third and fourth years of his deal, Brown put up an impressive 147 ERA+ in five seasons with the Dodgers before they traded him to the New York Yankees. Greinke, meanwhile, was ace-like to the tune of a 156 ERA+ before opting out to seek greener (figuratively, that is) pastures in Arizona after the 2015 season.

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