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There are some big changes on the way for NCAA lacrosse.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a proposal on Wednesday to introduce expanded video review and coaches challenges for the 2024 men’s lacrosse season, among other changes.

There are now more review-eligible plays, including to see if an offensive player entered the crease before the ball entered the goal. Coaches can challenge anytime except the final four minutes of regulation, with the rest of reviews up to referee discretion.

In the national semifinal of the 2023 NCAA Tournament, Penn State lost 16-15 to Duke in overtime after a game-winning goal was allowed despite a clear crease violation. At the time, the play could not be reviewed, costing the Nittany Lions a spot in the championship game.

Other plays that can now be reviewed include those involving contact to the head/neck area, to determine if a loose ball crossed the goal line, to determine if the ball crossed the goal line before the dislodgement of the goal cage, to determine if an player landed in the goal mouth as a result of illegal contact by the defense prior to the ball crossing the line, and to determine if a goal was scored as a result of the head of a shooter’s crosse coming off during the shot or follow-through.

For the women’s game, changes were made to the card system.

Next spring, a red card will be a five-minute, nonreleasable penalty instead of the previous two-minute penalty.

Green cards will be one-minute, releasable penalties that can be given for holding, illegal use of the stick, pushing, tripping, illegal picks, cross checks, forcing through and charges.


Last spring was a resounding success for Penn State, rebounding from a 3-11 finish in 2022 t…

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