George Theberge: MLB legend Dennis Eckersley’s daughter Alexandra’s BF arrested in baby abandonment case


CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE: Authorities announced on Wednesday, January 11, that a second arrest had been made in connection with the case of Alexandra Eckersley, the daughter of MLB Hall of Fame pitcher Dennis Eckersley. She gave birth to a baby boy in the woods in bitter cold and was accused of misleading New Hampshire police about the new born’s location.


Alexandra, 26, identified George Theberge as her boyfriend in a police affidavit while additional case document have been sealed. The Manchester police stated that on December 26, Theberge was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, reckless behavior, and tampering with witnesses in relation to the birth. Authorities claim that the little boy was abandoned in a tent in the bitter cold for more than an hour before officers recovered him. Alexandra was charged with leaving her son without shelter or appropriate clothing. She faced charges of assault, reckless behavior, and other offenses on December 27. Alexandra then entered a not guilty plea and was granted a bond with the restriction that she can’t come in contact with her son.


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Alexandra’s lawyer Kim Kossick stated that she is receiving treatment. According to USA Today, Kossick said, “She’s recovering from this ordeal. She’s a young woman who didn’t know she was pregnant. She gave birth alone, in the woods. She did the only thing she could do, and she called 911.” Kossick stated that Alexandra did direct the police to the baby. She added, “In my opinion, she did save the baby’s life. The idea this woman alone had this child and the first instinct was to arrest her, I think, just tells you a lot about what you need to know about our society.”


Kossick further added, “She was taken to the police station and interrogated before she was taken to the hospital, in her bloody clothes, still bleeding from the birth.” The Eckersley family said in a statement last month that they were completely shocked and had no prior knowledge of the pregnancy. They were seeking for the boy’s guardianship. The family’s statement continued by stating that Alexandra, also known as Allie, had experienced “severe mental illness her entire life” and that her family had made every effort to get her support and assistance.

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