Highlights: Charlotte Hornets 125-119 Sacramento Kings in NBA | 12/20/2022

“Sport is the way to go! the humblest one,” said Malik.“ you feel humiliated every time you step on the court because there is no two days are the same and you You have to have mental strength to stay balanced.  you can’t go too low because it’s very low. It’s very hard to work to come back.  you can’t get too high because when you do it.   When you’re knocked down, it hurts when you’re knocked down. falls.”

“ went through everything I was going through before and knew there was always going to be some adversity going on,” Malik said. “He just told me to work and we would get through this together, with our family.”

“She sacrificed everything for me,” “My mother had been [in Lepanto] for 40-something years, but [she wanted] a better situation for me in terms of school, basketball.   history.”

“We are so close; together with me, we had an army around us, just our relatives, close friends, Malik’s coaching staff, his teammates, his sister Malik. and my mother’s brothers,’ said Malik. “It brought everyone together. It passed and ended up working out for both sides.”

“We connected,” Monk said, snapping his fingers, “instantly. We were talking before we left for Kentucky. We clicked right away because we were some of the highest rated guards in the class. We’ve been together every day since I arrived in Kentucky.

“My main thing back then was just to help him be patient,” “I always tell him, “ it cannot go in the microwave; as far as your role and your career are concerned, sometimes it takes time.’ In Charlotte, he made things difficult for himself at times. He was more frustrated for the wrong reasons. He needed to get hit on the head because I truly believe that really helped him become the player that he is. becoming now”.

“[Fox] called me as soon as free agency opened,” “He said a few things, but I didn’t think of anything. LA made an offer, but it didn’t match what I wanted to do. The next day I signed with the Kings. I am happy to be here now.”

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