Highlights: New Orleans Pelicans 101-116 Memphis Grizzlies in NBA | 12/31/2022

11:36 PMan hour ago

Alvarado hits 2 of 2 free throws

11:36 PMan hour ago

Hayes scores 2 points

11:35 PMan hour ago

Jackson Jr takes a dunk

11:34 PMan hour ago

Jackson Jr scores two points

11:31 PMan hour ago

Clarke puts it on the tray

11:30 PMan hour ago

Jones misses a 3 point basket

11:28 PMan hour ago

Jackson Jr hits 2 of 2 free throws

9:23 PM3 hours ago

Jones scores 2 points

9:19 PM3 hours ago

Marshall shoots a 3 basket

9:14 PM3 hours ago

Bane scores 2 points

9:06 PM3 hours ago

Brooks gets clobbered by Valanciunas

8:59 PM3 hours ago

Valanciunas hits 1 of 2 free throws

8:55 PM3 hours ago

Williamson puts it on the tray

8:37 PM4 hours ago

Ja Morant puts on the tray

8:32 PM4 hours ago

Hernangomez hits 1 of 2 free throws

8:21 PM4 hours ago

Game with many mistakes, no team can score

8:14 PM4 hours ago

McCollum’s ball does not go in

8:13 PM4 hours ago

Bola de McCollum não entra

7:39 PM5 hours ago

Willie Green a few absences, starting with Brandon Ingram, toe injury, Larry Nance, a neck strain, and EJ Liddell, knee injury. On the other hand, Herbert Jones is a doubt.

7:19 PM5 hours ago

Taylor Jenkins will be without Danny Green due to a knee injury.

7:04 PM5 hours ago

With three straight wins, the New Orleans Pelicans are the Western Conference leader. The Pelicans have 22 wins and 12 losses in 34 games played.

6:54 PM5 hours ago

The Memphis Grizzlies are in third place in the Western Conference. In 34 games played, the Grizzlies have won 24 times and lost 13.

6:49 PM6 hours ago

New Orleans Pelicans vs Memphis Grizzlies live this Saturday (31), at theFedExForum at 8 pm ET, for the NBA.

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