Highlights: Utah Jazz 126-111 Detroit Pistons in NBA | 12/20/2022

9:16 PM7 hours ago

Azubuike makes a dunk

9:07 PM7 hours ago

Ivey misses both free throw attempts

8:57 PM7 hours ago

Saddiq Bey notes 3 more

8:55 PM7 hours ago

Bagley III hits 2 of 2 free throws

8:46 PM7 hours ago

Burks hits 2 of 2 free throws

8:43 PM7 hours ago

Clarkson scores with a dunk

8:33 PM7 hours ago

Markkanen notes 3

8:28 PM8 hours ago

Conley misses a 3 point basket

7:58 PM8 hours ago

Jazz get two 3’s, with Conley and Clarkson, in a short period of time

7:46 PM8 hours ago

Burks scores a 3-pointer

7:43 PM8 hours ago

Rudy Gay hits 3 of 3 free throws

7:33 PM8 hours ago

Burks puts it on the tray

7:26 PM9 hours ago

Ivey hits 2 of 2 free throws

7:25 PM9 hours ago

Markkanen scores 2 points

7:19 PM9 hours ago

Duren takes a dunk

7:14 PM9 hours ago

Match starts evenly balanced, with both teams looking to attack

5:51 PM10 hours ago

The Utah Jazz are in eighth place in the Western Conference. The Jazz have 17 wins and 15 losses in 32 games played.

5:41 PM10 hours ago

Despite ranking 14th in the Eastern Conference, the Detroit Pistons have the worst record, as they have 32 games, two more than the Charlotte Hornets. Of those, the Pistons have lost 24 times and won only eight.

5:36 PM10 hours ago

Utah Jazz vs Detroit Pistons, live this Tuesday (20), at the Little Caesars Arena at 7 pm ET, for the NBA.

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