“If You’re Going to Correct Ja Morant”: NFL Legend Faces Backlash From NBA Veteran After Abuses-Laced Rant About the ‘Gun Show Off”


Memphis Grizzlies centerpiece Ja Morant took over the sports world by storm after he shared a questionable gun video on his social media handle a couple of days ago. While he was suspended for his actions, his video quickly drew reactions from several notable sportspersons, including NFL legend and former Denver Broncos player Shannon Sharpe. The now 54-year-old slammed the two-time All-Star Morant for his regular off-court exploits.

However, the NFL legend’s take on the rising star elicited reactions from an ex-NBA veteran as he seemingly disliked it.

Former number one overall pick of the NBA draft Kwame Brown recently called out Sharpe’s comments on the now 23-year-old. The now 41-year-old seemingly didn’t like how the 54-year-old called out the Grizzlies guard.


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Kwame Brown gave some advice to Shannon Sharpe

Just like a few NFL players, Sharpe recently slammed Morant for trying to act ‘hood’ despite earning millions from playing in the NBA. The 54-year-old didn’t hold back while giving his take on the Grizzlies guard. This prompted Brown to utter a few words about the NFL legend in a recent YouTube live stream. During the live stream, the former Lakers player said the media treats white and black athletes differently after they make a mistake. Subsequently used the name of ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith and said how ‘friendly’ and ‘monotone’ he is when he speaks with a white male.

Brown continued, “We’re not saying we don’t wanna be punished for our mistakes, we’re saying we see counterparts make the same mistakes and it’s not met with the same energy. So Shannon Sharpe take into account, that if you’re going to correct Ja Morant, say what you’re going to say, report on it but you don’t see the white media bash their white players like we do our own.”

Brown was certainly unhappy with the way Sharpe wanted to correct the two-time All-Star’s mistake. Therefore, he advised him that from now he should talk about a black athlete just like how the media talks about a white athlete.

Stephen Jackson sided with Ja Morant

While Sharpe might have called out the rising star, the former Indiana Pacers players stood by Morant. Moreover, he said blunder happens at a young age and he should atone for his mistake and get back on track as soon as possible. On Instagram, Stack Jack said, “Yall aint got no experience with this situations. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made bad choices, it’s about what you do after those bad choices”

The now 44-year-old finished by saying, “The only thing I would tell Ja; have the people around you; that care about you; that care about your job the way you care about it. Don’t have the people around you that care about your job, because they care about what you’re gonna do for them…We all make mistakes. Understand this, Ja; don’t let nobody make you feel like the world is over…Don’t listen to nobody, bro.”


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