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The blue scores 18 points and his Magic are defeated in Dallas by a super Doncic (44). The Pelicans outclass the Clippers

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The Pelicans dominate the Clippers, the Lakers finally conquer their first success of the season while Paolo Banchero with his Magic goes out in Dallas.

Los Angeles Clippers-New Orleans Pelicans 91-112

The return of Zion does not help the convalescent Clippers to get back on track, so LA collects the fourth consecutive defeat. The Californian team, considered one of the great favorites in the West, in fact, without the bruised Leonard, cannot contain the former Duke who leads the Pelicans to a comfortable success in Los Angeles. The visiting team after a muted start of the match changes pace in the second fraction and then takes possession of the match in the second half. Williamson makes good and bad weather and, after missing two games with a back problem, against the Clippers he scores 21 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists.

Los Angeles Clippers: Powell 18 (4/7, 3/7, 1/2 tl), George 14, Morris Sr. 12. Rimbalzi: Morris Sr. 8. Assist: Wall 6.
New Orleans: McCollum 22 (5/11, 4/8), Williamson 21, Marshall 17. Rimbalzi: Williamson 12. Assist: Williamson 7.

Dallas Mavericks-Orlando Magic 114-105

The Mavericks redeem the incredible misstep on Saturday night against the Thunder relying on the usual, space Luka Doncic. Against Orlando the Slovenian attacks the basket frequently and eventually scores 44 points, destroying the defense of the reworked Magic. After six consecutive games, the streak of at least 20 points on the scoresheet for the rookie of wonders Paolo Banchero comes to an end. The blue struggled to find rhythm from the pitch and had to be satisfied with 18 points with 6/20 shooting.

Dallas: Doncic 44 (15/17, 2/9, 8/14 tl), Hardaway Jr. 21, Finney-Smith 13. Rimbalzi: Wood 10. Assist: Dinwiddie, Doncic 5.
Orlando: BANCHERO 18 (5/14, 1/6, 5/8 tl with 3 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 turnovers in 32′). Bowl 16 (7/9, 0/1, 2/2 tl), Carter Jr., Hamton 15. Reimbursements: Bowl 11. Assists: Wagner, Carter Jr. (2/2). 4.

Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards 112-94

Boston takes advantage of Beal’s bad shooting night to send the Wizards to the ground without much difficulty. Bradley Beal misses his first 11 conclusions from the field, closes the first half without points on the scoresheet, at the end he shoots with a bad 4/16 from the field. 24 points and 10 rebounds, however, for an excellent Brown.

Boston: Brown 24 (3/9, 4/9, 6/6 tl), Tatum, Brogdon 23. Rimbalzi: Brown 10. Assist: Smart 6.
Washington: Porzingis 17 (8/12, 0/4, 1/2 tl), Hachimura 13, Beal 12. Rimbalzi: Porzingis 13. Assist: Beal 8.

Los Angeles Lakers-Denver Nuggets 121-110

The Lakers’ first success of the season finally arrives against the Nuggets. James and Davis make themselves heard in attack, Westbrook, on the other hand, after the fierce criticism received at the start of the season, produces a performance of applause from the bench and closes with 18 points and eight assists. LA also shoots a respectable 13/30 from long range. 23 points and 14 rebounds for Jokic.

Los Angeles Lakers: James 26 (8/17, 2/5, 4/5 tl), Davis 23, Westbrook, Walker IV 18. Rimbalzi: Davis 15. Assist: Westbrook, James 8.
Denver: Jokic 23 (7/11, 1/5, 6/7 tl), Murray 21, Gordon 18. Rimbalzi: Jokic 14. Assist: Jokic 6.

Cleveland Cavaliers-New York Knicks 121-108

Donovan Mitchell, associated with the Knicks for the entire offseason before his trade with the Cavaliers, increases the regrets for the New York team’s fans to the nth degree. The former Jazz leads the Cavs to a comeback in the last fraction and in the end scores 38 points and 12 assists. Great impact from the bench for veteran Kevin Love: 29 points in 22 ‘of play.

Cleveland: Mitchell 38 (4/7, 8/13, 6/8 tl), Love 29, Mobley 16. Rimbalzi: Allen 13. Assist: Mitchell 12.
New York: Fournier 16 (3/4, 3/5, 1/2 tl), Brunson 16 (8/16, 0/3, 0/1 tl), Randle, Barrett 15. Rimbalzi: Hartenstein, Randle 9. Assist: Brunson, Randle 7.

Detroit Pistons-Golden State Warriors 128-114

The Warriors also stumble in Detroit and so collect the third defeat in the last four races. An excellent Cunningham flirts with a triple double (23 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists), Curry (32 points) and Poole (30), however, are not enough for the reigning champions.

Detroit: Bey 28 (5/8, 4/9, 6/6 tl), Stewart 24, Cunningham 23. Rimbalzi: Stewart 13. Assist: Cunningham 9.
Golden State: Curry 32 (6/10, 4/14, 8/9 tl), Poole 30, Wiggins 10. Rimbalzi: Looney 9. Assist: Green 7.

San Antonio Spurs-Minnesota Timberwolves 107-98

The Spurs continue to surprise and even surpass the Timberwolves. Despite two holders in the pits (Sochan and Vassell) the Texan team defends with intensity and discipline against the physicality of the T-Wolves and manages to get the better of them. 23 points off the bench for an excellent McDermott.

Saint Anthony: Johnson 25 (3/5, 5/10, 4/4 tl), McDermott 23, Bates-Diop 18. Rimbalzi: Poeltl 14. Assist: Jones 8.
Minnesota: Towns 26 (9/12, 1/7, 5/8 tl), Edwards 18, Reid 11. Rimbalzi: Gobert 12. Assist: Edwards 6.

Phoenix Suns-Houston Rockets 124-109

Devin Booker celebrates his 26th birthday by signing 30 points against the Rockets and leading the Suns to success. Phoenix puts on autopilot and doesn’t have to suffer too much to get the better of the Texan team. In directing Chris Paul shines once again who closes with 15 assists on the scoresheet.

Phoenix: Booker 30 (13/17, 1/7, 1/3 tl), Johnson 19, Landale 16. Rebounds: Johnson, Landale 7. Assist: Paul 15.
Houston: Porter Jr. 26 (6/13, 4/1, 11/14 p.m.), Sengun 16, Green 15. Refunds: Sengun 9. Assists: Porter Jr . 6.

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