Expert knocks aviation union over protest, blames NCAA

The Aviation Transport Service Senior Staff of Nigeria, on Tuesday, began protest at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, Lagos terminal two over the dismissal of 37 workers by the Bi-Courtney Aviation Services Limited.

The Chief Executive Officer Centurion Aviation Security and Safety Consult, John Ojikutu, in a message sent to our correspondent said the protest, which is currently going on at the MMA2 Terminal by ATSSSAN, has left passengers stranded due to the blockage at the entrance of the terminal by the union.

He further expressed displeasure over the demonstration by the union, adding that it is high time the lawlessness of the unions were curtailed by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority, which is the regulatory body.

“Just hearing from a colleague at the MM2 Terminal that the unions have blocked the entrances to the terminal refusing passengers from getting access into the terminal to catch their flights operated by airlines and not by the terminal operator,” he wrote.

He also said that if there were laws to regulate disruptive passengers, there should be similar laws for disruptive staff and unions, adding that the disruptive staff should be called to order.

“The NCAA in particular has the absolute powers and authority on civil aviation security in the airports. If there are Civil Aviation Laws for disruptive passengers, there must be similar laws within the Airport Operational Areas for disruptive staff and disruptive staff unions.

“With the trends in the activities of our homegrown terrorists, BH, Bandits, Unknown gunmen, etc, we must be wary of the infiltration of any of these as ‘copycats’ amongst the disruptive staff or unions.

 “We witnessed or heard how the EndSARS groups were infiltrated in Lagos two years ago just as the US Embassy has given us Advisory Warnings on possible attacks from our homegrown terrorists groups.

“My knowledge and experience in aviation security tell me always that civil aviation is always on the top lists of targets for attacks by the terrorists.

 “What is happening around us now needs more vigilant attention than what is showing out now at the Lagos Airport MM2. Let us urgently call the disruptive staff to order.

“Let them carry their grievances to the offices of their employer and not to the passengers terminal building. A word is enough for the wise.”

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