Jazz vs Bulls LIVE Score Updates | 01/07/2023

10:05 PM6 minutes ago

Coby White with a double-double and the Bulls now lead for the first time since the second period.

10:01 PM10 minutes ago

Patrick Williams from the corner makes the three-pointer.

9:55 PM16 minutes ago

Andre Drummond with the first points of the last period and the difference is only three.

9:55 PM17 minutes ago


9:49 PM22 minutes ago

DeMar DeRozan with one more double-double on the night and they close to within 4.

9:49 PM22 minutes ago

From just outside the box, Ayo Dosunmu slammed home the bomb for the hat-trick.

9:42 PM30 minutes ago

Jordan Clarkson with two points after the small jumper in the box.

9:41 PM30 minutes ago

Jarred Vanderbilt with both points from the free throw line.

9:38 PM33 minutes ago

Kelly Olynyk with two more points for the home team.

9:27 PM44 minutes ago

Jarred Vanderbilt with the double to open the slate.

9:25 PMan hour ago

The second half begins between Titans and Jaguars.

9:04 PMan hour ago

Nikola Vucevic from the corner makes the triple.

8:56 PMan hour ago

Patrick Williams only makes one of two and the Bulls get within three.

8:53 PMan hour ago

Talen Horton-Tucker with two points to take a slim lead.

8:52 PMan hour ago

Andre Drummond with one of only two free throws.

8:51 PMan hour ago

DeMar DeRozan with two points for the floater.

8:43 PMan hour ago

Andre Drummond with the two points for the Bulls.

8:36 PM2 hours ago

Rudy Gay with two points for the visitors.

8:31 PM2 hours ago

Nikola Vucevic with the two-pointer to regain the lead by two.

8:27 PM2 hours ago

Ayo Dosunmu’s free kick adds two more points.

8:21 PM2 hours ago

Mike Conley with the triple and they are only one behind already.

8:20 PM2 hours ago

Zach LaVine with double to make the lead 8-0.

8:13 PM2 hours ago

Nikola Vucevic with the double to open the slate.

8:12 PM2 hours ago

The game between Jazz and Bulls begins.

8:06 PM2 hours ago

We are minutes away from the start of the Jazz-Bulls NBA game.

7:51 PM2 hours ago

The Jazz have no absentees and will have a full roster for this game.

7:46 PM2 hours ago

While in combined points, a total of 238.5 points is expected, that is, an approximate 120 to 118 in favor of the Jazz.

7:41 PM3 hours ago

According to bookmakers in Las Vegas Utah is favored by only two points.

7:36 PM3 hours ago

While the Bulls are coming off a 126-112 away win against the 76ers

7:31 PM3 hours ago

The Utah Jazz are coming off a 131-114 away win over the Chicago Bulls.

7:26 PM3 hours ago

Great game that awaits us between Jazz and Bulls for the 2022-23 NBA season. We start with the coverage of the game through VAVEL.

7:21 PM3 hours ago

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls match for the NBA Season 2023 on VAVEL US.

7:06 PM3 hours ago

He’s having a similar season to last season, but DeMar DeRozan is still the most talented player on this roster and when he’s on the court his presence is noticeable; the more contact he gets with the ball in the final yards will help the Bulls increase their offensive volume.

6:56 PM3 hours ago

44 Patrick Williams, forward; 11 DeMar DeRozan, forward; 9 Nikola Vucevic, center; 8 Zach LaVine, point guard; 12 Ayo Dosunmu, point guard.

6:51 PM3 hours ago

23 Lauri Markkanen, small forward; 41 Kelly Olynyk, small forward; 8 Jarred Vanderblit, center; 00 Jordan Clarkson, point guard; 11 Mike Conley Jr, point guard.

6:46 PM3 hours ago

The Chicago Bulls have not had a great season like last season, but they are fighting and will fight for the postseason despite the alternation of wins and losses, so this win could be key for them to advance in the final stretch.

6:41 PM4 hours ago

After a more than promising start after all the changes in players they made at the beginning of the season, the Utah Jazz have been in a severe irregularity where they were placed in tenth place in the Western Conference, although they just won last Thursday by a score of 131-114 at home against the Houston Rockets.

6:31 PM4 hours ago

My name is Adrian Hernandez and I will be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates, and news as it happens live here on VAVEL US.

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