Joey Votto Comapres Elly De La Cruz To An MLB


MLB stars Elly De La Cruz and Joey Votto

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The Cincinnati Reds have been on a tear since calling up rookie phenom Elly De La Cruz.

They’re red hot right now and it doesn’t seem like the team will be slowing down anytime soon.

De La Cruz’s play is turning heads across the league, as he’s made an immediate impact for his team.

Now, teammate Joey Votto gives Elly De La Cruz a comparison that has MLB fans in disbelief.

During a press conference, the Reds star first baseman claims he loves what he’s seeing from De La Cruz and the team. In fact, he comes off a bit shocked at how good the rookie star is playing.

Votto tried coming up with a comparison for Elly De La Cruz and the only name he could think of was MLB legend Mickey Mantle. Here’s what he had to say about the rising star, per Sports Illustrated.

“This is extreme, but has there been a better switch-hitting, speed-power guy? The only comp I can think of is Mickey Mantle. A young Mickey Mantle.”

Joey Votto had plenty to say about the Reds, but this was a statement that really stood out during his conversation with the media. Here is the full clip of Votto’s recent conversation on the Reds.

All of that is great. However, comparing a rookie to a legend is a bold statement. Especially considering Mickey Mantle is considered to be one of the best players ever.

So, it makes sense why Votto claimed his comparison is “extreme.” Even he isn’t fully comfortable comparing Elly De La Cruz to an MLB legend.

But, as you can imagine, baseball fans couldn’t believe their ears.

Yeah, but have you see De La Cruz play?

Some fans can’t help but laugh in shock.

Hey, maybe Elly De La Cruz lives up to that hype. If he does, then we could be witnessing baseball’s next great player.

However, he has a long ways to go, as his career is just beginning.

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