Kevin Durant Criticizes ‘Entitled’ NBA Fans Who Question Players’ Effort

The ever-candid Kevin Durant never shies away from the microphone.

The 24-year-old is having another career year, averaging nearly 30 points per game on 56.8% from the field. However, in a recent interview with ESPN’s Nick Friedell, Durant gave his opinions on current fan culture, saying that some have become “entitled” on how players approach the game and that they do not see everything the players go through every day.

“We go as hard as we want to go,” Durant said. “We go as hard as our bodies allow us to go at this point. They only see us when the games come on, but the travel, the practices, the shootarounds—we’re constantly moving around. So every game’s not going to be a high-intensity playoff game. It’s going to be times where as a fan you’re going to have to watch and see, ‘Oh, these guys traveled. This is the last game of a road trip. They may have to dig a little deeper to win this game. It might be a little sloppy tonight.’”

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