“Miss the Strip Clubs”: NBA Fans Have Fun at

Amid the post-season frenzy, 76ers star James Harden continues to be the talk of the town in NBA circles. Uncertainties started to loom over Harden’s future in Philly after the 76ers got ousted in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. Besides, there is a rumor that the Beard might return to the Houston Rockets. Now, one of Harden’s former teammates has added to the buzz around the veteran guard after recalling his days with Harden in Brooklyn.

A Nuggets star who once played with James Harden in the Brooklyn Nets has now recalled what kind of teammate the 2018 MVP was. The Beard’s former teammate’s response, however, has prompted NBA fans to crack some jokes.

A Nuggets star makes a claim about his former teammate James Harden


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When James Harden went to Brooklyn, he was welcomed by a star-studded lineup that included Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Despite having a superstar roster, the Nets failed to make a deep run in the league. However, Harden’s Brooklyn teammate Bruce Brown Jr. recently spoke very highly of him. The Nuggets star revisited the impact the All-Star guard had in Brooklyn. Besides, Brown also went candid about being James Harden’s teammate.

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In his recent appearance on LeBatardShow podcast, Bruce Brown Jr. recalled his days with the Nets. The hosts and the 26-year-old were quick to bring James Harden to the discussion. Brown said that hosts that Harden held many events for the team during his stint. The remark prompted the hosts to start laughing.

However, Brown continued and said, “James is a great teammate on and off the court. Definitely was one of the best teammates I have ever had. Definitely having some good times out.”

Lucas Kaplan, a writer for Nets Daily, has tweeted a snippet of the former Nets star’s comments on James Harden. NBA fans are now having fun at the Nuggets star’s claim about the Beard.

Fans crack jokes as Bruce Brown Jr. praises James Harden

While telling how good a teammate James Harden was, Bruce Brown Jr. stressed that the former held grand events, and they had great camaraderie both on and off the court. The NBA world is well aware of James Harden’s off the court escapades. Among them, his visit to a Houston-based strip club is the most popular. That night, the star baller had spent $1.53 million.

Apparently, the club had even retired the Beard’s jersey. A fan cracked a strip club joke about Harden and Bruce Brown Jr. “Yeah him and harden gonna sign with Houston this offseason lmao they miss the strip clubs,” the fan said.

A fan laughed as if they knew what those “events” were.

Strip club jokes keep on coming.

Fans try to guess what Brown really meant but cannot overlook those strip clubs.

Different fans, same response.

This fan wanted to see Harden in Brooklyn for some more time.


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Fans also weigh in on Harden’s impact on the Nets’ team.


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What do you think about Bruce Brown Jr.’s claim and Harden’s stint in Brooklyn? Do you think Brown has meant the same thing that several fans have guessed? Let us know in comments!

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