“My Whole Mood Changed”: Confessing He Refused a Beer From Stone Cold Steve Austin, 6′9″ Ex-NBA Star Unveils Bizarre Story


Wrestlers are often seen as larger-than-life characters on the big screen. Fans tend to see them as someone out of this world who can fight anybody and everybody who comes their way.


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But not only the fans, celebrities from other sports too sometimes get terrified of them. Especially when it comes to Stone Cold Steve Austin, his bold, sassy personality can make anyone sacred to the core.

Austin won a number of accolades, took down anyone who crossed his path, beat his boss, and lived his life in an unapologetic way. Such an attitude made him an edgier star of the era. His in-ring dominance is something that immensely impacted the fans and the whole pro wrestling community as a whole.


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NBA player once had a bizarre incident involving Stone Cold Austin

Not only in the wrestling community, but he also had a huge impact on other sports celebrities as well. Once former basketball player Darius Miles underwent a surprising and tense moment after seeing the legendary WWE star in front of his eyes out of nowhere.


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4 days ago

The 41-year-old former basketball legend recently appeared in an episode of Player’s tribune. Remembering one of his most vivid memory of meeting the great Stone Cold Steve Austin, the NBA star noted, ‘I went to Monday night Raw in Cleveland this is great I want the Monday Night Raw in Cleveland you know how you got to go down there yeah and all that stuff so we went down in the tunnel and I got my old lady with me and I got my homeboy, he and his old lady when we walked through the door like you know how you walk through the little security little door and all that Stone Cold is right there.’

Miles initially got terrified of him because he thought Austin was about to fight him. His mood descended at that very thought. Later, when it proved otherwise, the star couldn’t get over the aftershock and refused to have some casual moments with the WWE legend. ‘He is standing there. He got like a six-pack of beer and they got the cameras coming like straight kind of like toys. Bro my whole mood changed because I thought he is gonna play with me yeah so my whole mood changed when he asked he offered me a beer I was like nah man.’, the former Mr. Basketball USA further noted.

Darius Miles accused of a capital murder charge


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Darius Miles has been through a lot of turmoil in his personal life lately. The star was reportedly alleged to kill a young lady named Jamea Jonae Harris. Miles has been specifically accused of aiding and abetting his friend Michael Lynn Davis in the shooting. The latter admitted his part of the guilt. Both men got arrested back on January 15th following the charges. Currently, they are in the custody of Tuscaloosa Country Jail.

While there are many aspects of this tragedy, the main thing to be sad about is the young lady lost her life for nothing and the two men involved are going through their biggest life-changing phase, and not for the good obviously.


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What do you think about the former NBA star, Darius Miles? Do you think his life will ever be the same after the capital murder charge?

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