NBA Immortal’s $3,000,000 Worth Possession Tempts


Alexis Ohanian, the husband of Serena Williams, is a man of several interests. And his interests always escalate to a point where he ends up geeking out about it. He has followed NBA since he was a child and idolizes Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. And any accessories related to the two sporting legends are bound to catch the attention of the tech entrepreneur.

The NBA lost one of its legendary players, Kobe Bryant, in 2020. Bryant had a stellar career and his list of titles and fans can prove that. As a result, all pieces of memorabilia of such an individual reach millions in worth. Ohanian, a big fan of Bryant, shared a picture of his jersey which was sold in an auction for more than $5 million.

Recently, an old apparel of Michael Jordan went on sale for an exorbitant amount, yet Ohanian was tempted to drop everything to buy the apparel and wear it to death.


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Serena Williams’ husband goes bananas for iconic Michael Jordan jacket

In a recent post on Twitter, Alexis Ohanian shared a post of an account which talked about an iconic jacket from the 90’s Dream Team. The 1992 Olympic Dream Team brough USA their 10th gold medal. The team had immense influence on the sport and housed three of the greatest basketball players of all time.

Naturally, basketball experienced a huge jump in its already massive fan following. The outfit worn during the tournament etched itself in the annals of history, with the iconic USA jacket the most sought after piece of memorabilia.

Recently, the jacket worn by Michael Jordan became a part of an auction and has an estimated price of $3 million.

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Alexis Ohanian, a big fan of the sport, shared that he feels very “tempted” to pay the exorbitant amount to buy the jacket. He wrote, “I would be so tempted to just wear this around the house 🤪“.


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Although there is little to no confirmation on whether Ohanian would take part in the auction, his fans were certainly encouraging him to buy it and do whatever he wished with it.


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Ohanian is one of the biggest fans of Jordan; with the right kind of push, the entrepreneur might just  buy the jersey himself. What do you think? Will the Reddit Co-founder purchase the jacket? Let us know in the comments below.

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