Paige Spiranac apologizes if her wearing a revealing TCU attire Jinxed them in NCAA Championship Game

Paige Spiranac recently made a name for herself as an influencer and golf commentator, and part of her videos show her wearing different outfits, and this time she wore a sexy Texas Cristian University different attire in support of their football team facing the Georgia Bulldogs.

Paige modeled a total of five outfits and she began wearing a short TCU top and a white skirt, then she continued with a crop top, and some blue denim shorts that matched perfectly with her cowboy hat, because, well, Texas.

She modeled different outfits in support of TCU

However, she believes that she might have had a part in the obliterating loss, she thinks she might have jinxed them by wearing the revealing outfits for which she apologized via a tweet.

Paige Spiranac apologized for the jinx

Texas Cristian University faced the Georgia Bulldogs in the National Championship Game yesterday and they lost terribly 65 -7

Sprinac also made some Super Bowl predictions, she claims that the Philadelphia Eagles are the next NFL champions. Menwhile, for the NBA finals, she believes that Kevin Durant and the Brooklyn Nets will take home the trophy, and while she was at it she also said that Rafael Nadal and Coco Gauff would win the Tenis Grand Slam.

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