The St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series



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Completist baseball fans will certainly enjoy reliving the full story of the 2006 World Series in The St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Collectors Edition. Not only does the eight-disc set include all five games in the world championship series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Detroit Tigers, it sets the stage for the contest with a terrific preface: Games 5 and 7 of the Cards’ NLCS (National League Championship Series) win over the New York Mets. One can watch Cardinals starter Jeff Weaver (in Game 5) earn his second win of the playoffs (and first of the NLCS), or Jeff Suppan (in Game 7) allow only one run on five hits in 15 innings pitched. (He was named the 2006 NLCS MVP.) The Cardinals, going into the World Series with the second fewest number of victories (83) ever in a full regular season, nevertheless had a spirited showing where it counted. Even if one isn’t inclined to watch entire games over again, it’s fun to skip around to such highlights as Cardinal Albert Pujols’ two-out, two-run homer in the third inning of Game 1, or the Tigers’ 41-year-old starter Kenny Rogers win in Game 2 (making him the oldest starter to win a game in World Series history). Then, of course, there’s World Series MVP David Eckstein’s three doubles in Game 4 (the all-time record is four), and Cardinals’ manager Tony LaRussa’s footnote to baseball history by becoming one of only two managers to win World Series titles in both leagues. The games look great—-exactly the way they appeared and sounded on their original television broadcasts—-and each disc appears in its own holder, which is covered in facts and statistics worth noting. The eighth disc, a “Bonus DVD,” includes the clubhouse celebration, trophy and MVP presentation, highlights from the NL Central Division and NL Division Series, player interviews, highlights from the Cardinals’ 1982 World Series victory, opening ceremonies of the new Busch Stadium, and a Spanish audio track from the original, live Fox En Espanol broadcast. –Tom Keogh