Holland Bar Stool Co. Los Angeles Kings Pool Table




Price: $549.00
(as of May 29,2023 03:58:56 UTC – Details)

Looking to set your pool table apart from the others? Look no further than a logo billiard cloth from the Holland Bar Stool Co. Manufactured by Hain worth of England, they start with their renown Worsted cloth and the logo is dyed into the cloth resulting in a perfectly smooth, even play surface with no effect to ball play. Having a worsted cloth means it is woven with yarn that is combed to remove the short fibers, making the cloth smoother which results in balls running faster with much more consistent speed. Worsted cloth is more durable and will not compress to form gullies on the table. Hain worth worsted cloth stands apart from other cloths on the market because it incorporates: finer yarn meaning greater thread count per inch; quality dye chemicals that coat the fibers better and are less likely to fade; extensive finishing to remove loose fibers to ensure the smoothest, flattest surface, increasing ball speed and consistency; durability, stretch and quality of fiber checked at every stage of the manufacturing; state of the art modern manufacturing machinery to quality and construction of the cloth. If you are looking to cover your new table or put new life into an existing table, look no further than the Hain worth logo cloth offered by the Holland Bar Stool Co. Cloth sets come with enough material to cover rails and bed.
Worsted Cloth – Faster, More Consistent Ball Play – Will Not Pill Up
Officially Licensed Logo Dyed into the Cloth Resulting in a Perfectly Smooth, Even Play Surface with No Effect to Ball Play
Full Cloth Set – Includes Cloth to Cover Table and Rails
Exceptional Durability with Very Low Maintenance – Easy to Clean – Industry Choice for Installers and Players