Why Steph Curry, Draymond Green will be NBA’s top duo in 2023

The skies will clear, eventually, and we can give the 2023 sports year our full attention. It’s going to be wild, with heavy doses of exhilaration and heartbreak — but that’s nothing new. What will separate the Bay Area from the common folk: two world championships in the next six months.

• No team in the NFL wants any part of the San Francisco 49ers. They have the league’s best defense, a historically great running back in Christian McCaffrey, and a sense that a sublime brew is developing with Brock Purdy at quarterback and coach Kyle Shanahan at his play-calling finest.

The title won’t happen if the injuries — a blight on the organization in recent years — continue. But imagine McCaffrey and Deebo Samuel both in full stampede. Purdy manages to stay in one piece. The entire crew of skill-set talent stays healthy — not just George Kittle, but Brandon Aiyuk, Elijah Mitchell, Jordan Mason, Kyle Juszczyk and Jauan Jennings. Just a relentless onslaught of players so remarkably capable of the big play.

That package should mean a Super Bowl championship.

• There’s no need to sugarcoat the Golden State Warriors ’ season so far. “Quite frankly, we’ve been awful,” said Draymond Green this past week as he revived his podcast. But nobody’s going to remember that at the finish.

Green has been flat-out tremendous, the NBA’s only player capable of quarterbacking defensive assignments and an offense, whether it’s leading the fastbreak or orchestrating a halfcourt set. This is historically special stuff, and that’s the key word for skeptical fans to remember. History is the key to everything that’s about to happen.

Fans around the league argue about the best two-man combinations: Jaylen Brown-Jayson Tatum, Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard-Paul George, Devin Booker-Chris Paul. It’s none of those. The answer is Green and Stephen Curry.

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