“Would’ve Lost My Sh*t” – Viral Video of a Little Girl Channeling Her Inner Ken Griffey Jr. Leaves the MLB World Bewildered

The MLB off-season is currently underway. Franchises are busy in winter meetings, acquiring players, and strengthening rosters. While some of the players are attending games at other sporting leagues, some are enjoying holidays with family and friends. At the same time, a budding talent elsewhere is sharpening her batting skills. 


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This year’s MLB season has provided immense thrills and shocking results. At the end of it all, the formidable Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies to clinch the World Series. As players get a well-deserved time away from the rigors of the season, others have stepped in their shoes to entertain the MLB fanbase. The trending video of a little girl is a testament to this fact.

What did the MLB fans have to say about the little girl? 


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MLB has always had its share of some of the most talented athletes on this planet. On that note, talent comes in all shapes and sizes, with no age limit. Some talent often remains undiscovered forever. But in the age of the internet, a trending video is all that needs to turn someone into an overnight sensation. 

About a month ago, a dog named Pepper had gone trending online for her immaculate batting skills. Now it’s time for a little girl to put her batting skills on display. A video clip of a little girl having some batting practice with a plastic bat has gone trending online. Not much is known about the origins of the video yet, but her batting skills have won the hearts of many fans. Fans have made all sorts of comparisons, including the 13-time All-Star MLB Hall Of Fame inductee Ken Griffey Jr.

The MLB Elites network shared the adorable video clip on their Twitter account, quoting, “That swing and bat flip… This little girl is daughter goals.”  

One fan replied to the video, “I would’ve lost my sh*t.” 

Another fan wrote, “Looking like a Ken Griffey Jr. swing right there.” 

One more fan wrote, “Ahhhhhh yes! This is our future softball PRO right there! Get it lil girl.” 

A few more fan reactions: 



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While some made comparisons to Ken Griffey Jr. and Babe Ruth, others have termed her a future softball star.


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However, how far the little girl is able to carry her talents will be an interesting point to observe. Nonetheless, the little girl in that video and talented kids like her deserve recognition. 


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Do you believe the little girl will grow up to be a baseball superstar? Do you think there should be a separate MLB tournament for women? Please let us know in the comments section. 

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