YouTuber JiDion banned from NBA events after prank


Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves

Dallas Mavericks v Minnesota Timberwolves

The NBA knows JiDion, the YouTuber known for pranks at major events, usually sporting events. The league watched him get a haircut courtside at a Timberwolves game and didn’t blink.

However, JiDion did cross the line for the league at some recent WNBA games. For one he was courtside, and when the ball bounced out of bounds to him JiDion decided to take a shot, just a “heat check” as he put it.

That got JiDion tossed from that game.

However, what went over the line for the league was his pretending to sleep courtside at another game, complete with a pillow and blanket. That got JiDion banned from all future league events.

JiDion’s reaction likely was a shrug. He’s gotten in trouble with the law and other leagues — he was kicked out of the U.S. Open tennis tournament for getting a haircut in the arena — and just kept on going. That’s the brand.

We may not see him getting a shave courtside at an NBA game this season, however.

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