2024 NFL Schedule Release with the Winners & Losers, Top Revenge Games and more

The much-anticipated 2024 NFL schedule has finally been released, and fans around the globe are buzzing with excitement. As always, the release of the schedule brings with it a mix of anticipation, speculation, and excitement, as teams and fans alike begin to map out their season ahead. From marquee matchups to revenge games, the schedule is packed with intriguing storylines that promise to make the upcoming NFL season one to remember.

As the NFL gears up for another exciting season, the release of the schedule has only added to the anticipation. With a mix of winners, losers, and revenge games, the stage is set for a thrilling year of football.

Ranking the Top Revenge Games on the 2024 NFL Schedule

At CBS Sports, we relish the opportunity to rank things, and what better way to stir up excitement than by ranking the most enticing revenge games on the 2024 NFL schedule? Our resident revenge expert, Will Brinson, has meticulously curated the top three games that promise to deliver a potent mix of drama and redemption:

  1. Chiefs at 49ers (Week 7): Brinson emphasizes that there’s no revenge quite like “Super Bowl Revenge,” and the 49ers will seize their chance at redemption against the Chiefs in what’s sure to be a showdown of epic proportions.
  2. Steelers at Broncos (Week 2): The matchup between the Steelers and Broncos takes center stage as Russell Wilson faces off against his former team. Wilson’s departure from the Broncos adds an extra layer of intensity to this game, making it a must-watch for fans.
  3. Ravens at Chargers (Week 12): Dubbed the “Harbaugh Bowl,” this matchup pits brothers Jim and John Harbaugh against each other. While some may argue it’s not revenge in the traditional sense, the competitive history between the brothers adds a captivating narrative to this game.

NFL Schedule Breakdown: One Good Thing and One Bad Thing for Each Team

The NFL schedule is a delicate balancing act, and while the league strives to please everyone, it’s inevitable that some teams will face challenges. In our analysis, we’ve identified one positive and one negative aspect of the schedule for three teams:


Good: The Steelers kick off the season with three consecutive games against teams that finished below .500 last year, offering them an opportunity to gain momentum early on.

Bad: However, the latter part of the season presents a grueling stretch, with eight consecutive games against teams that ended last season with a winning record, including three games in just 10 days.


Good: The Chargers enjoy a lengthy stretch without away games, with the Raiders remaining in Las Vegas for 34 days without a road trip, providing stability and continuity for the team.

Bad: Conversely, starting in Week 11, the Chargers face a challenging four-week span against formidable opponents, including the Bengals, Ravens, and Chiefs, making for a tough stretch in the season.


Good: With only one outdoor game scheduled from Week 1 to Week 15, the Lions can avoid weather-related disruptions to their game plan, providing consistency for their offense.

Bad: However, coming out of their Week 5 bye, the Lions encounter a challenging stretch of four out of five games on the road, facing playoff-caliber teams like the Cowboys, Packers, and Texans, posing a significant hurdle for the team.

Winners and Losers from the Schedule Release

As with any major event, the NFL schedule release generates winners and losers. Cody Benjamin has meticulously combed through all 272 games to identify the standout performers and those facing uphill battles:


  • Jets fans bask in the limelight with six prime-time games in the first 11 weeks, showcasing the team’s potential and earning them the spotlight.
  • Caleb Williams and the Bears enjoy a favorable early schedule, facing rebuilding squads that offer an opportunity to gain momentum and assert themselves in the league.
  • Eagles benefit from a late-season advantage with four of their final five games at home, providing a favorable environment to finish strong.


  • Ravens face a daunting start to the season, with matchups against formidable opponents like the Bengals, Chiefs, Bills, and Cowboys in the first five weeks, coupled with a late bye week in December.
  • Jaguars confront a challenging opening stretch against tough opponents, setting a demanding tone for the season and testing the team’s mettle from the outset.
  • Weekday breaks pose a logistical challenge for teams like the Chiefs, who are slated to play on nearly every day of the week, including Wednesday Christmas games, presenting scheduling complexities.

Netflix Secures NFL Christmas Games

Netflix emerges as a major victor in the NFL schedule release, securing exclusive rights to two Christmas games and signing a lucrative three-year deal with the league. Notable highlights include:

  • Netflix wins bid for two Christmas games, Chiefs-Steelers and Ravens-Texans, cementing its position as a premier streaming platform for sports content.
  • The streaming giant strikes a three-year agreement with the NFL, ensuring continued access to Christmas games through 2026 and reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-tier sports entertainment.
  • In addition to Christmas games, Netflix announces a compelling documentary series on Jerry Jones, providing an in-depth exploration of the iconic Cowboys owner’s early years and legacy in the NFL.

Extra Points: Giants Unveil Wild Throwback Uniforms

The NFL offseason is abuzz with excitement as teams unveil new uniforms, announcements, and player updates:

  • Giants introduce striking alternate uniforms to commemorate their 100th anniversary, blending elements from different eras for a unique and nostalgic aesthetic.
  • Giants selected as the focus of a new offseason edition of “Hard Knocks,” offering fans an inside look at team operations during free agency and the NFL Draft.
  • Steelers’ Cam Heyward opts to sit out OTAs in pursuit of a contract extension, highlighting the ongoing negotiations between players and teams.
  • NFL players, including JJ Watt, reveal insights into their schedule preferences, shedding light on the strategic considerations that shape team preparations for the upcoming season.

With the NFL offseason in full swing, there’s no shortage of excitement and anticipation as teams gear up for another thrilling year of football.

Tune in to CBS Sports HQ for in-depth analysis and coverage of all the action throughout the season.

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